Advertising Week Freshman Class: Meet Courtney and Brooks, creative partners at Havas

College buddies turned creative duo will experience and review the conference for the first time together

As the advertising industry converges on New York for Advertising Week, the eyes of the media will once again be on the CEOs, publishers and creative legends who draw the crowds and drive the conversations.

This is not about them.

To commemorate the completion of our freshman year in America, Campaign US is inviting four young ad industry workers to attend Advertising Week for the first time. In a series of documentary videos, we’ll experience the conference through their eyes, learning what inspires them, what leaves them empty and what they would do differently.

Here we meet Courtney Harris, copywriter, and Brooks Hess, junior creative director, from Havas Worldwide. They started as college buddies and are now creative partners working on brands such as Lysol and Keurig. Apparently, Brooks isn’t much of a speller.