Adwatch: Robert De Niro gives Warburtons comedy value

De Niro and Warburtons are a brilliant celeb partnership.

Warburtons: New York icon
Warburtons: New York icon

More than ever before, we are taking control of the experiences, the advertising and the brands we engage with and respond to.

In this Adwatch, three of the top 10 most liked ads feature celebrities – Warburtons, Walkers and Carlsberg. No wonder! They are a tried-and-tested shortcut to impact, entertainment, surprise, influence and talkability. But perhaps, most importantly, they have the power to halt the skip-button hover. 

If you had to pick one of them, which would it be? For me, it has to be Robert De Niro in the "GoodBagels" Warburtons ad. A great example of a celebrity being skilfully matched to the message that the advertiser wants to convey. All too often, we find ourselves watching celebrities being used for the sake of their fame in the hope that they will shine some of their light (and public appeal) on the brands they are being paid to advertise. Santander with Ant & Dec – need I say more?

Continuing its strategy of using A-listers to draw attention to its new product development and family business heritage, Warburtons brings to our small screens the Godfather of New York (bagels), the daddy of the "family business". "Bada bing bada boom" De Niro graces the brand with a comedic parody of every good part he has ever played. The result is a funny-on-the-money, want-to-watch-again-and-again piece of work (and what a piece of work he is). 

Its place in the recall table, too, tells you how right they got it.

TV ads 6 May-2 June 2019. Adwatch research is conducted via an internet omnibus survey among 1,000 adults in Great Britain, aged 16-64, through Research Express, part of Kantar TNS, one of the world’s leading data, insight and consulting agencies. Data supplied by Nielsen.  

Aileen Ross is managing partner at Krow