A view from Mark Roalfe, Chairman and executive creative director, RKCR/Y&R

Adwatch: Tesco - 'Morrisons price check'

When I first looked at this week's Adwatch list I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to review.

I wasn't sure that there were any creative gems listed. Neither could I spot any ads that I thought were punching well above their media spend. So I've chosen the easy option and gone for the number one, the latest ad from Tesco.

I have to admit, thanks to doing Marks & Spencer's advertising, I have more than a passing interest in the world of supermarkets, and I have to say that I have a very healthy respect for Tesco's advertising history. It's a brand that really understands who and what it is in the advertising it has done over the years. An essential part of what makes Tesco Tesco, is the way in which it offers value - and that is what this latest ad is all about.

Every week Tesco operates a price check where it compares its prices with the other leading supermarkets. This week, it tells us that it has 3024 products that are cheaper than those in Morrisons.

As I thought that Morrisons was more of a value player than Tesco, this is fairly surprising news. In the wrong hands, this message could have come across a bit nasty and carping, but in this ad the message is delivered with such simplicity and charm that instead of Tesco sounding like the giant that is slowly eating the rest of the high street, it comes across as the consumer's champion. It is this tone of voice that I think has helped build Tesco into the brand it is today.

The other part of this execution that I think is clever is the graphic device it uses. Again, very simple and charming, but I've seen it in press and posters and I'm sure it has been carried all the way through to my local Tesco.

Well that's about it from me on another chilly, cloudy summer's day, with interest rates climbing, the FTSE crashing, Nationwide issuing a house-price warning and a subprime crisis crippling the US investment market. If this keeps up, I suspect that Tesco won't be the only brand on our screens price-cutting.