Aegis Media names Buhlmann as chief executive of Europe

LONDON - Jerry Buhlmann, the chief executive of Carat International, has been drafted in as Aegis Media Europe's chief executive.

He replaces Bruno Kemoun and Eryck Rebbouh, who left last week. Doug Flynn, the chief executive of Aegis Group plc, said he was not startled by their decision and played down its impact. "It was a bit of a shock-and-horror show in France, but only for a day," Flynn said. "It's not about a couple of guys, this company has momentum."

Flynn said he had already identified Buhlmann as the successor to Kemoun and Rebbouh in the event they left. "Jerry has demonstrated a commitment to the cause. He has vision as to where we will take this business, he's a great communicator and he's got a great knowledge of the business," Flynn said. He added that he thought Buhlmann more "inclusive" than his predecessors.

Flynn also scotched reports that he was or had been in talks with networks over the possible sale of Aegis Group.

Susannah Outfin, Carat International Paris's vice-president, replaces Buhlmann.