Aerial Awards radio ad winner Oct 2015: Specsavers 'some things are better with contact lenses - bat'

Aerial Awards radio ad winner Oct 2015: Specsavers 'some things are better with contact lenses - bat'

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October’s winners: Richard James and Naomi Bishop creatives, Specsavers Creative
Judge: Jeremy Carr, creative partner, TBWA\London
Winning ad: Specsavers ‘some things are better with contact lenses – bat’

Jeremy Carr, creative partner, TBWA\London

I love this ad because…
This spot stands out for several reasons. It’s very simple. It stars a talking bat. It makes me smile. I like the way the writers have constructed this ad, like a Mitchell and Webb sketch. They have created something inherently amusing – a Brummie bat moaning about life upside down. It gets funnier when his glasses keep falling off and he can’t read his bedtime book. With its pared-back sound and great bat casting (we don’t often hear Birmingham accents on radio), I can imagine this grabbing attention in the clutter of an ad break.


Winning ad: Specsavers ‘some things are better with contact lenses – bat’

SFX: A bat is talking. We hear wings flapping and high-pitched squeaking.
Bat: Hello. I’m a bat and being a bat has lots of pluses. But the whole hanging upside down from the roof of a cave thing? Frankly, that’s a pain. Because, aside from all the blood rushing to my head, my glasses keep falling off. And that makes it impossible to settle down with a good book at bedtime. Yeah, having sonar’s fine, but you can’t read romantic novels with sonar, can you…

VO: Time to try contact lenses. At Specsavers, we’ll give you a free trial with daily disposables or monthlies. See in-store for details.

Title Some things are better with contact lenses – bat Client Specsavers Agency Specsavers Creative Creatives Richard James, Naomi Bishop Creative director Graham Daldry Producer Sam Locke Post-production Soho Square Studios Sound engineer Simon Capes Actor Andy Nyman 

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