Agencies alerted to DoH alcohol task

The Department of Health is plotting a series of ad campaigns to tackle problem drinking and plans to draw up a list of creative and media agencies to handle the brief through COI.

One area under discussion is raising awareness of the number of alcoholic units in various drinks, such as pints of beer and large glasses of wine.

The plans are part of a wider government crackdown on problem drinking. Earlier this month, the DoH and the Home Office jointly released a national alcohol strategy, which will target 18- to 24-year-old binge drinkers, underage drinkers and adult drinkers in danger of damaging their health.

A COI spokesman said: "The Government will be investing substantial amounts of money on alcohol-awareness campaign work. Investment will be on different strands of work, and not on one single campaign. We will be looking for one or more agencies in due course."

The DoH's last big push on problem drinking was the £4 million "know your limits" ad campaign that was created by United London and launched last October.