What can agencies learn from start-ups, entrepreneurs and Google Campus?

Eze Vidra, Google's European head for entrepreneurs, has given advice on what businesses can gain from adopting the start-up mentality.

Google Campus: a hub for start-ups and entrepreneurs
Google Campus: a hub for start-ups and entrepreneurs

Vidra, who also heads up Google Campus, a shared office space for entrepreneurs and start-ups in Shoreditch, East London, said that agencies could benefit from "taking risks and innovating and doing rapid prototyping".

Start-ups, said Vidra, are able to get products and services to market quicker than businesses in general. He said: "They get the products out there. If it fails, it fails fast and they're able to iterate quickly and change it."

On Google's London Campus, Vidra added: "It's a very tight community of entrepreneurs. When you have such a concentration of smart, ambitious people in one building, a lot of magic happens."

According to its website, Google Campus London has more than 17,500 members listed as entrepreneurs. Last year it held more than 1,000 mentorship sessions with its members.

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