Agencies line up for brief to promote milk

LONDON - The UK Milk Marketing Forum, a consortium of leading dairy brands, has called a pitch for its advertising arrangements.

Milk Marketing Forum...calling ad pitch
Milk Marketing Forum...calling ad pitch

The review is being handled by the AAR and chemistry meetings took place earlier this week.

Agencies have been briefed to create a campaign that both encourages people to drink milk and attracts more funds from the European Union to support dairy farmers' incomes.

 The Milk Marketing Forum is self-funded.

The incumbent on the business, Freud Communications, won the account with the communications planning agency Rise in October 2007.

It was briefed to produce a three-year campaign to promote the benefits of milk, that was to be part-funded by the EU, but never produced any work.

It is not known whe-ther the agency will repitch.

Milk has a history of memorable advertising, using the "gotta lotta bottle" strapline, and including the "Accrington Stanley" commercial that hit screens in the 80s.