Agencies line up as Kawasaki prepares pan-Euro offensive

The motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki is holding a pan-European advertising pitch, and has approached five agencies about the task.

A mix of UK and European agencies are competing for the business, with Kawasaki now in the process of selecting a shortlist for a final pitch.

Kawasaki has traditionally used a range of agencies across its European operations. However the review, which is being run from the company's offices in the Netherlands, has been sparked as the manufacturer looks to consolidate its advertising account into a single agency.

A spokesman for Kawasaki said: "We are establishing a European head office and finalising our brand strategy for Europe. We have seen British and European agencies, and next week there will be a brief for a final pitch."

Kawasaki is famous for its distinctive green, white and blue branding used across its trademark range of sport and trail bikes.

The brand's main competitors in the motorbike market are the Japanese manufacturers Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

However, Kawasaki also makes a range of products including jet-skis, quad bikes, outboard engines and a range of power products for home maintenance, such as hedge trimmers and water pumps.