Julian Newby.

Julian Newby.

1995: Carat Business, media trainee, rising to planner/buyer

1997: MediaVest, planner/buyer

1998: Walker Media, planner/buyer

1999: Starcom Motive, media manager

Claire Emmett.

1989: IMS, client service executive

1991: CIA Medianetwork, research executive, rising to head of


1995: CIA Medianetwork, strategic planning and research

1998: Starcom, media manager

2000: Starcom Motive, planning group head

Dominic Fawcett.

1988: Madison Bell, sales executive

1989: CIA Billett & Company, planner/buyer

1992: TMD Carat, planner/buyer, rising to group head

1996: Saatchi & Saatchi China, associate media director, rising to

general manager Northern China, Zenith Media China

1998: Starcom Motive International, regional business director


CAMPMB # 17:04:00

DIARY: TOP GEAR - Zero Halliburton luggage



Photograph (omitted)

Regular readers of this slot will know Top Gear has a bit of a

luggage fetish. We can’t get enough of flash receptacles - the sleeker

and shinier the better. So we were delighted when Zero Halliburton sent

us its latest brochure, featuring a gamut of collectible cases.

’What’s so great about ’em?’ you ask. ’A bit posh, but hardly the stuff

that dreams are made on.’ Well, true, but the thing that really

impressed us about these cases is that they are indestructible. No,

really. Not just hardy, but virtually impossible to destroy. Stamp on

them, drive a truck over them, hurl them at a London Underground ticket

inspector - you can’t kill these babies.

Don’t believe it? Well the brochure comes with a newspaper article about

a French chap whose case was exploded by customs officials. It came out


’The security people told me it was the first time they’d seen a

briefcase that survived such an impact and that 95 per cent of my files

remained intact.’

Of course, it’s unlikely your case will be blown up, crushed or caught

in an elephant stampede. But if it is, it’s nice to know your sandwiches

will be safe.

Halliburton cases from pounds 230

Available from Harrods, Selfridges and other selected stores.