HOW TO GET AHEAD: WHAT IT’S LIKE TO WORK FOR ... THE SUN - So is Wapping hopping? And just how much fun can you have in The Sun?

What do they do? Sell advertising in The Sun and the News of the World.

What do they do? Sell advertising in The Sun and the News of the


Good offices? The nearest tube is Tower Hill but there’s a lengthy walk

to the office, located just outside the ’Fortress Wapping’


As there are free parking spaces for all, most staff drive. Scarily,

work starts at 8.30am.

After hours, places in which to carouse are hard to find. The more

gregarious staff lunch at Henry’s in Tobacco Dock and, on Fridays, The


Team bonding takes place every Thursday at the Old Rose, ’a disgusting


What’s it like there? Not what you might expect. The team includes a

countess, a French chateau owner, refugees from Vogue and a former child

actress. New recruits must be ballsy. Women say the atmosphere is blokey

and that they can sometimes feel excluded.

Some staff freely admit to feeling institutionalised in Wapping. But

most seem to like working there and stay forever - or until they’re

poached by the Daily Mail.

How do they recruit? The graduate training programme takes on six

graduates each year. Others are recruited through agencies.

What about perks? Company cars are negotiable with a cash option.

There’s the chance of job swaps with other News Corp entities in Sydney,

Hong Kong, New York and Los Angeles.

You get a pension and share save schemes with Bupa cover. Fortress

Wapping boasts three restaurants, a gym, a shop, a travel agent and a

medical centre.

Are they good at training? New recruits get two weeks’ intensive


Support is offered towards study for an MBA.

How does someone get ahead? You must believe The Sun is the greatest

newspaper in the world and be seen reading it. You should also know who

the editor is.

What the staff say ’We work hard and play hard. It could be intimidating

for some.’

’We work in a dreary part of town, which explains the need for frequent

client lunches in Soho.’