AIS highlights BMW X5's traction control system with mailing

BMW is supporting the launch of its X5 luxury four-wheel drive vehicle with a direct mail push that promotes the speed and accuracy of its hi-tech traction control system xDrive.

The mailing, devised by Archibald Ingall Stretton, comes in an A5 envelope, which has a clear plastic front through which can be seen a card of perforated squares. Each square carries a word, which together form the jumbled sentence: "XDrive transfers power to the wheel it most that needs BMW X5."

The pack also contains a 12-page brochure and a personalised letter explaining the mechanical changes that have been made to the model and its new appearance, and offers a choice of alloy wheels and body colours.

It also invites recipients to respond to a pre-paid reply card to test drive the vehicle.

Alistair Bryan, the account director at AIS, said: "We wanted to bring the xDrive system to life and emphasise the huge technical advances of the new model. This pack offers a simple and engaging way of delivering the xDrive's benefits without the clutter of long copy and tedious product explanations."

The campaign was art directed by Martin Lythgoe and written by Jonathan Vinton.