AIS pushes 7 Series models with minimalist mailing

LONDON - Archibald Ingall Stretton is adopting a minimalist approach to car selling with a new mailing for BMW.

The pack is designed to promote two new models in the BMW 7 Series range, the 730d -- the first diesel 7 Series car -- and the 730i.

It comprises a four-page booklet. The opening page features the line "all the justification you need to invest in one of life's genuine luxuries" against a white background.

This justification is revealed on the second page, which features only a tiny BMW logo. The third contains the words "730i" and "730d", while the fourth features a cutting from a newspaper that reads "from £44,560".

The pack attempts to solicit test drives out of company directors and businessmen, as well as owners of luxury cars and existing 7 Series drivers.

The mailing was art directed by Steve Stretton and Ricard Gorton-Lee, and written by Matt Morley Brown and Neil Harris.

Emma Shelton-Smith, account director at AIS, said: "The understated but confident design reflects the tone people associate with BMW."

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