AKQA develops club game online and on SMS for Pepsi event

Pepsi is attempting to build an association with the clubbing

generation using a one-off digital project developed by AKQA.

The agency was commissioned in August by the Pepsi PR agency Ketchum to

produce a viral questionnaire offering participants a chance to win VIP

tickets to the Pepsi/Cream "More Cream" event.

The "Blag-it Game" digital marketing drive consists of a website and an

SMS text message campaign.

The game centres around inviting clubbers to prove their blagging

ability through a questionnaire on the website or by text messages

showing blagging skills.

A viral e-mail with a link to the website www.blagittomorecream.com was

sent to the Cream database of 60,000.

Andy Richardson designed the site. Justine Leicester and Jamie Knight

were in charge of planning. The project was developed by Ben Brook.