AKQA spoofs Guinness ad for Pot Noodle viral

LONDON - AKQA has created a new viral for Pot Noodle, spoofing the Guinness Tipping Point campaign.

Pot Noodle...prosaic domino chain
Pot Noodle...prosaic domino chain

Named Tipping Pot, the viral mimics the expensive Nicolai Fuglsig advert featuring a domino rally featuring cars, hay bales and grandfather clocks.

However, the digital agency has relocated the action from an Argentinian mountainside village to a gritty council estate in north London .

Allan Little, brand development manager for Pot Noodle, said: "The community loved the idea and couldn't wait to get involved, which was brilliant.

"The Guinness ad is good, but I knew that by bringing it closer to home we could go one better. Their dominos only went downhill - we've got some that go up steps!"

The spoof viral features real people living on two estates, going about their day-to-day business.

The objects in the viral's domino chain include cigarette packets, mobile phones, a wheelchair, white goods and supermarket trolleys.

It is triggered after a drunk asleep on the bar of the estate's pub is woken by the sound of a fellow drinker breaking wind.

The ad ends with a woman with a London accent shouting: "Matthew - where's my fricking microwave?"

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Creative Agency: AKQA
Executive Creative Director: James Hilton
Writer: Colin Byrne
Planner: Mo Rogers
Account Director: Rowena Minhas
Agency Producer: Emily Bull
Producer: Lucy Hayes
Post Production: Smoke & Mirrors
Director: Dom Bridges
Editor: Dom Bridges, Nathan Perry Greene (Cut and Run)
Production Company: Mustard London
Media Agency: Cake