Albion London launches bespoke YouTube skins

Albion London has partnered with interactive video advertising platform Brainient to launch software that will allow social media users to create their own branding around a YouTube video.

Create Station: DIY YouTube video branding
Create Station: DIY YouTube video branding

The software, called Create Station, is intended as an online messaging service that will allow social media users to send a YouTube video or playlist with bespoke branding before the video plays. Users can also write messages that will run as a ticker under the video while it plays.

Reminiscent of the classic MTV-era idents and 80s VHS, there is a choice of nine initial designs for the skins with more to follow.

Users will be able to select a skin, add text and publish or share their video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social media channels in less than 10 seconds.

Brainient founder Emi Gal said: "When I was a kid, my dad had this antique lantern slide in the living room. We would turn off the light, insert slides one by one and project them on the wall. I think CreateStation is the lantern slide for the YouTube generation. That’s why I love it."