Aldi Christmas ad: are Brussels sprout gangsters the villains of Kevin's latest adventure?

Peaky Blinders spoof teases carrot's return for fourth Christmas.

Kevin the Carrot, who last year helped Aldi secure the title of the public’s favourite Christmas ad, is returning this year alongside some villainous Brussels sprouts. 

At least that’s the impression given by a 10-second teaser that is available to view at and on YouTube, and is being publicised by the supermarket's consumer PR agency Red Consultancy today.

The film shows a gang of sprouts called the Leafy Blinders, dressed in the style of the early 20th-century gangsters in popular BBC drama Peaky Blinders.

The ringleader walks towards the camera growling: "We’re here to take back Christmas – by order of the Leafy Blinders." It ends with a poster of Kevin the Carrot being blown away by the wind.

Earlier this morning, Aldi’s Twitter account posted a tweet suggesting that carrot fans should be on alert, but it has not yet to acknowledge the film.