Aldi fends off alcoholism complaints

Supermarket chain Aldi has escaped censure after several members of the public complained about its TV ad that featured a woman who likes gin, claiming it made a joke of alcoholism.

The ad, created by McCann Manchester, drew criticism because it featured a woman sitting next to packs of PG Tips and Aldi tea, saying "I don't like tea. I like gin".

Several doctors claimed the ad was offensive because they believed the ad made light of alcoholism, while a further 15 people accused the ad of encouraging irresponsible drinking.

Aldi defended itself by arguing the ad did not imply gin was a suitable substitute for non-alcoholic drinks such as tea, and added that a lady stating she liked gin did not mean she was an alcoholic.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the woman did not appear to be intoxicated and there was no suggestion that she was an alcoholic.

Consequently, the ASA ruled there were no grounds for banning the ad because it was likely to be seen as a humorous depiction of the woman’s preference for gin over tea.

Creative from the ad was pushing Aldi's "Like brands. Only cheaper" proposition.