A view from Be On

Aldi US viral with Cash Cab's Ben Bailey falls flat on social

Social video experts Be On evaluate the latest viral campaign from Aldi.

It’s clear this global discount supermarket could have done with spicing up its social recipe. 7/10

American comedian and licensed taxi cab driver, Ben Bailey, puts unsuspecting shoppers on the spot, for Aldi’s latest "Cart Smarts" campaign.

The former host of Discovery Channel's, 'Cash Cab', asks customers to push him around the shop carrying a megaphone, while people go about doing their shopping.

A true people person

Bailey’s interactions with the customers comes across as genuine, not forced, as he asks people a simple question - 'What do you like about shopping at Aldi?' The responses are not only believable, with toilet paper and staple cheeses being called out, but there’s humour in there too.

Some shoppers don’t recognise Bailey’s celebrity status, while others seriously contemplate their answers, seeking the help of their other halves to get to the root of why they love visiting the store.

Soft and playful guitar chords complement Bailey’s likeable personality. Aldi’s light-hearted approach is in-keeping with the brand’s down-to-earth image. What’s great about this video is that it’s extremely relatable.

Not too many retweets

However, while the simple approach works in terms of viewing experience, it’s less effective in gaining attention on social media. As part of the campaign, Aldi is encouraging followers to retweet the video to show their love for the brand.

Generating just 42 retweets within 20 hours of posting and a humble 1,326 video views on YouTube in the first two days, it’s clear this global discount supermarket could have done with spicing up its social recipe.

It feels as if the chain has missed a trick, engaging shoppers that appreciate a bargain with online discounts and a competition element.