Alice McGinn

Faces to Watch 2013: Alice McGinn, Mother
Faces to Watch 2013: Alice McGinn, Mother

Strategist, Mother

McGinn, 30, was a planner at DDB when she had an early career crisis and left to work in a modernist furniture gallery run by the star of Auction Hero, Andrew Lamberty. Fortunately for Mother, the credit crunch intervened and McGinn reassessed.

She joined the agency in 2011 after a brief stint at Leagas Delaney and already has some impressive work under her belt. She was one of the brains behind Mother’s "great" poster campaign to rebrand the UK and helped uncover a new insight on a well-trod subject with her work for Race for Life.

"I’m glad I had my career crisis early on," McGinn says, adding: "My career so far has had an element of serendipity about it and so I want to leave part of my future open to that. I want to keep making good work."

"She’s like a ninja," the Mother partner Dylan Williams says. "You don’t see her coming – everything around her is a potential weapon and she never, ever misses. Alice is an exceptional strategist."