Alzheimer's Society "Imagine" (in-house)

Alzheimer's Society uses poetry to encapsulate the impact of Covid-19 on people with the disease.

"Imagine a virus you know nothing about," the ad begins before going into the repercussions of this year’s lockdowns – which stopped people from visiting their vulnerable elderly friends and family – and its subsequent feelings of isolation.

Showing photos of a desolate home, the spot also references the feelings of frustration felt by family and carers as they are unable to help the people around them. It ends as a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s stares at herself in a mirror in the hall.

Viewers are encouraged to donate to the charity through the Alzheimer’s Society website.

It was created and directed by Sean Cullen, who wrote the poem in light of his mum's experiece of dementia. Media is handled by Medialab, who won the account last month.


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