Amazon unveils first UK ad for Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV, the internet giant's video-streaming box for TVs, has launched a campaign focusing on the product's voice-recognition capabilities.

Amazon: launches ad campaign for Fire TV
Amazon: launches ad campaign for Fire TV

The ad, created by Lucky Generals, shows a series of people in their homes using Amazon Fire TV, which connects to TVs to allow people to stream films, TV shows and games through Amazon services, including Amazon Prime Instant Video.

Amazon hopes the ad will position the brand as warmer, more human, and more "of and for" the British people.

In the ad, the viewers are using voice-recognition software by speaking into a small handheld device. All are seeking the film Fast and Furious 6.

To demonstrate the sensitivity and effectiveness of the product and the fact it is fun to play with, the viewers all say the title very differently, but are taken straight to watch the film.

The campaign comprises the TV ad and a range of poster executions, which use famous quotes from movies, such as, "Say hello to my little friend". The media planning and buying was by Initiative.

Lucky Generals joined the Amazon roster in August. In the past two months, Amazon has ramped up its marketing, sponsoring Downton Abbey and launching an ad campaign for the Fire phone.