AMD scores internet first with integrated creative ad strategy

Advanced Micro Devices, the world's second-largest microchip manufacturer after Intel, is to launch an advertising first with an interactive campaign where creative "hijacks" users' internet browsers.

The online strategy has been developed by Universal McCann Interactive London. Instead of running creative in traditional slots within a media owner's website, the execution is integrated around the navigation functions - such as the address field and back and forward browsing buttons - in the internet navigation bar used to browse the internet.

"It's an opportunity to stand out to a PC-literate, and often ad-weary, audience, without being very intrusive," Damian Blackden, the managing director of Universal McCann Interactive London, said.

"We are occupying real estate that hasn't previously been accessible to advertisers so we know it'll get noticed. All the browser controls remain in the same place so we're not interrupting the user's navigation and viewing experience."

The pan-European campaign will run on websites in the UK, Germany and Sweden. It aims to create awareness and interest around the launch of AMD's new Athlon 64 FX processor.