Amnesty viral highlights Chinese human rights abuses

LONDON - Amnesty International has released a new animated viral that sees Chinese security forces beating someone with an electro-shock baton before lighting the Olympic torch.

Amnesty...viral highlights Chinese human rights abuses
Amnesty...viral highlights Chinese human rights abuses

The first viral, created released 100 days before the start of the Beijing Olympics, is part of a wider campaign to highlight China’s human rights abuses.

Amnesty hopes the online films will encourage people to find out more information about China’s political and human-rights record in the run-up to, and during, the Olympics.

The website will allow users to write campaigning letters and emails, share content and start their own blog. Amnesty is also releasing a new booklet accompanying the film that shows “the two faces of the Beijing Olympics”.

Tim Hancock, the UK campaigns director of Amnesty International said: “Amnesty is not against the Games but we want people to know what else is happening in China – including the silencing of critics and peaceful protestors – and to join our campaign for urgent human rights reforms.”