Amstel creates pub out of garden fences

Nationwide Amstel campaign encourages people to connect.

Amstel: campaign designed to unite neighbours
Amstel: campaign designed to unite neighbours

Amstel has created a pub made of garden fences to launch "UK Neighbours’ Week" as it aims to unite people across the country.

The pub, The Open Arms, has been created as a "symbol of togetherness" and neighbours are being encouraged to visit their local pubs that are involved in the celebration.

An installation near Tower Bridge was designed by dutch architect Denis Oudendijk and is part of London’s Festival of Architecture that runs throughout June. This year’s theme is boundaries and Amstel is responding by using fences that usually divide neighbouts to bring people together.

The work is part of Amstel's "Bridges on bridges" campaign, created by Adam & Eve/DDB, that transforms Jeff Bridges into a bridge across a canal in Amsterdam.

Nic Casby, brand director at Heineken, told Campaign: "People are looking for brands that have a social conscience and walk the walk, not just sell products. In the same way, we thought we could walk the walk on this.

"We want to promote togetherness, and for people to leave their divisions and differences at the door and focus on getting on together regardless of their background, and embrace that richness and diversity."

The pub will be open to the public on 14 June and UK Neighbours’ Week runs from 17 to 23 June. Edelman Deportivo is delivering the project.