Amstrad readies £2m E3 activity

Amstrad is to spend up to £2m on a promotional campaign for the launch of its E3 videophone in the run-up to Christmas.

Unveiled last month, the E3 will replace Amstrad's Em@iler Plus, which, although much maligned in the press, became profitable this year with more than 350,000 customers.

As well as offering video calling, the E3 will enable users to send texts, emails and MMS messages from their landline and download games and ringtones.

It will be priced £99.

The campaign will focus on video calling, highlighting the fact that the E3 lets users see the person they are talking to.

The ads will run in national newspapers and magazines from the start of November. Media buying has been handled by PHD Compass.

Amstrad spent £8m promoting the Em@iler Plus via television and print advertising last year.