An AMV BBDO advertising supplement: RSPCA secures AMV for protest against battery hen farming

23 December, 1988

23 December, 1988

The RSPCA has appointed Abbott Mead Vickers SMS to handle its pounds

500,000 account - and immediately pitched the agency into its fight

against the brutal treatment of Britain’s battery hens.

Capitalising on the salmonella-infected eggs scare, the society took

full-page ads in Thursday’s editions of the Times and the Independent,

drawing attention to the suffering endured by the birds so that eggs

reach the supermarket shelves.

’We have been inundat-ed with calls since the TV has been showing shots

of the battery houses,’ the RSPCA’s director of public relations, Gavin

Grant, explained. The ads are planned as a prelude to a spring campaign

against intensive farming methods.

Grant stressed, however, that the society had no intention of

jeopardising the relationship between Abbott Mead and its Sainsbury’s

client. ’We want to take advantage of the link to talk to Sainsbury’s,’

he said. ’We want them on our side.’

The agency’s first major project for the society will be a new year

national press campaign to win more public support for a dog

registration scheme in the wake of the Government’s decision to scrap

the dog licence.

AMV went on to produce a series of campaigns that used humour and shock