AMV speeding work dispels drivers' myths

The Government is launching a new ad initiative to curb speeding

drivers with a campaign that targets everyday motorists rather than the

"boy racers" usually blamed for the problem.

A TV campaign, produced by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, underscores the

danger of travelling just 5mph above a 30mph limit with a slow-motion

replay of a car hitting a child.

The TV work, supported by a press campaign, is aimed not at tearaways

but drivers who travel just over the speed limit in their daily


Official statistics suggest 67 per cent of all drivers exceed the 30mph

limit on urban roads. Research by RSGB shows that many motorists believe

driving slightly over the limit is no worse than dropping litter.

Now, ministers want to demolish the drivers' belief that they are fully

in control of their cars at speeds of between 30 and 40 mph.

The actress Juliet Stevenson provides the voiceover for the film, which

dramatises what happens as a car breaks suddenly at 35 mph, but

continues inexorably towards a child in the road.

As the child is hit, viewers hear that the extra stopping distance

needed for a car travelling at 35 mph is 21 feet and are told: "Think!

Slow Down."

The commercial was written by Nick Worthington, art directed by Paul

Brazier and directed by Stuart Douglas through FourHundred Films. Media

is through MediaVest.

The press work features children holding boards illustrating the

stopping distance needed by speeding cars with the warning: "30mph might

feel slow but only until someone steps out in front of you."