Address: St James Court, Bradley Stoke, Bristol

Address: St James Court, Bradley Stoke, Bristol

Date of birth: Orange launched in 1994. At the time, a company with a

weird, meaningless name was pretty radical. Now, with Smile, Egg and

Cahoot on the scene, it’s par for the course.

Nationality: British with parents in Hong Kong .

Marital status: Complicated. Mannesmann acquired Orange in November

1999. However, Vodafone Airtouch recently acquired Mannesmann so Orange

will be demerged and refloated this summer.

Background: Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa launched Orange

after its first venture, Rabbit, was put out of its misery in 1993.

Orange had to do something radical because Cellnet, Vodafone and Mercury

One 2 One were already established in the UK mobile phone market.

Its first step was to dump the Hutchison name and carve out a different

positioning. The memorable ’The future’s bright, the future’s Orange’

advertising by WCRS and brand identity by Wolff Olins is still held up

as a case study of how to launch into a crowded sector.

The quirky image and simplified tariffs did the trick, with Orange

claiming 25 per cent of UK digital mobile phone users by the end of

1995, its second year in business. It now has nearly five million

subscribers, making it number three in the UK market behind Vodafone

Airtouch and BT Cellnet.

Orange is already an established brand in Hong Kong, Israel,

Switzerland, Belgium, India and Australia and it aims to operate in 50

markets by 2003.

Remarkably, Orange is now the best known brand in Israel - just one year

after launching there.

Brand managers

- Rob Furness, marketing director

- Richard Brennan, commercial director, UK

Contact number 01454-624 600

Media agency and account manager: Mediapolis inherited the business

three years ago, when it merged with the WCRS media department.

Mediapolis recently added Orange’s global media account to the UK

business after a three-way pitch. Considering the brand’s international

ambitions, this was a big win. The account manager is Martin Rees.

Annual media spend: In 1999, Orange spent pounds 32 million, which was

boosted by its ’No ouch in our voucher’ campaign promoting its pre-pay

services. Pre-pay is now the fastest growing area of the market and

accounts for the bulk of the mobile networks’ recent media spend.

Media used: Television, press, radio, internet, outdoor, direct mail and

sponsorship. The company recently spent pounds 70 million sponsoring the

Arrows Formula 1 team, which is now called the Orange Arrows (and boasts

an orange car).