Analysis: How To Sell To ... Roger Camplisson - Initiative Media’s head of radio can only broadcast the truth

Roger Camplisson is a species rarely spotted in the media jungle.

Roger Camplisson is a species rarely spotted in the media


He’s an honest bloke. He tells the truth. He can’t help himself - it

just pops out. ’I’m too honest for my own good,’ he says a little sadly.

’Most sales people know that.’

Hence Initiative Media’s head of radio confesses that he worked as a TV

buyer for MBS Media years ago but got fed up with the tedious


Various non-media jobs followed, including spells selling insurance,

flogging burglar alarms in Florida and then, as if it couldn’t get any

worse, working as a holiday rep in Crete.

’It was a horror story,’ Camplisson recalls with a shudder. ’I would go

to meet a plane load of 250 holidaymakers at the airport at 3am with the

full knowledge that there were only 230 hotel rooms.’

After a stint renting out speedboats in Corfu, the 23-year-old

Camplisson returned home and worked his way back into media business,

eventually landing a job at Initiative.

He’s been there for six years and followed an unusual path. Rather than

sticking to television, Camplisson was keen to dabble in other


He did just that and now has a dual role as both media planning manager

for Birds Eye Wall’s and the agency’s head of radio.

It’s his job to advise the agency’s planners and buyers on their radio

campaigns and talk to clients about spending more on the medium.

Unilever allocates just 1 per cent of its budget to radio (although

that’s still around pounds 1.5 million), while Peugeot is looking at

upping its contribution.

Both companies, he predicts, will at least double their radio adspend

this year.

Outside work, Camplisson spends time decorating the converted stables he

and his wife bought in Rye, near Tunbridge Wells. He also struggles to

stay awake as baby Isabella is fond of waking up and bawling every three


Maybe it’s the lack of sleep but it’s not long before he gets another

attack of honesty. ’I’ve taken up horse riding because my wife does it,’

he confesses. ’I’ve bought all the gear. I also play golf,’ he adds

hastily, ’but I’m very bad at it.’ Lie man, lie - it’s what everyone

else does.


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Clear propositions

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Reps who don’t think seasonally

Meetings that drag on

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