Andrew Cooper, founder, Juiceman

Tell us about Juiceman. Six years ago, I moved to Cheshire and bought an old fruit farm. I wanted to look at living more sustainably. I bought a Norwalk juicer and worked on recipes for juice cleansing. My friends and family started asking me to make and deliver juice for them. That’s when the concept of Juiceman started – I was "the juiceman", a healthier version of the milkman.

Why did you want to launch a juice company? I not only wanted the challenge to make the healthiest juice but also to create a very sustainable, ecological business. We use all our product and by-product to make teas, scrubs and organic dehydrated pet treats.

What was the biggest challenge? Juggling a career as a model and a new career as an actor, along with all the attention Juiceman needed. I started conversations straight away with Matt Charlton [the Brothers and Sisters chief executive], who I worked with on Diet Coke’s "the gardener", and he came on board as a creative. I also employed one of my close friends, Andy McNair, and the chef Arthur Potts Dawson to help develop the product.

What was it like being the Diet Coke man? In terms of the casting, I didn’t really think much about it as I was so busy. But, once we started filming, I got the feeling it was going to be a big deal. My wife was proud, as was my family, but the best were my kids, who would dance around the room when it came on and laugh at me.

What other modelling have you done? Major ones include the Wallpaper* cover, which I believe was the highest-selling issue to date. I travelled around Africa with Louis Vuitton and played with baby lions. I had a great run with Giorgio Armani. I also did this TV commercial with Claudia Schiffer. She had to leave early as she was pregnant, which meant I had to shout "Because I’m worth it too!" across the Champs Élysées in five different languages!

How do you keep your six-pack? A good diet and, of course, a lot of Juiceman juice. Oh, and a lot of exercise. I have been boxing/Thai boxing since I was 13 and need to do some sort of exercise daily to feel normal. It’s that time to think and release any frustration.

Tell us something people might not know about you. I had a record deal when I was 17 and recorded an album.