Angry staff exact revenge in BMP's VW work

BMP DDB's latest press campaign for Volkswagen features staff playing pranks on their bosses.

The campaign is a light-hearted poke at fleet managers to warn them what kind of action their staff might take if they don't include Volkswagens on their car list.

The five print executions show various attempts at revenge. In one, a manager is shown with a dead fish taped to the back of his computer. A second execution shows a manager wandering around the office with a "kick me" sign on his back. A third shows the roller on one leg of an office chair sabotaged, so when the manager, who is sitting upright talking on the phone, leans back, the chair will topple on to the floor.

The campaign runs with the strapline: "The cars your drivers want."

Luke Bozeat, a senior planner at Volkswagen's media planning and buying agency, MediaCom, said: "Company fleets form a very important part of Volkswagen's overall strategy. Continuous campaigns run throughout the year targeting fleet managers, but this is the first true brand campaign in quite a while. We have been looking at VW as a whole and felt there was a good story to be told about the brand - this is about the company as a marque and not just individual models."

The campaign will initially launch in trade press titles and is being considered for a wider campaign later in the year or early 2004.

The campaign was art directed by Mark Reddy and written by Dean Webb.