Animal group set to demand hunts ban with conference ads

The International Fund for Animal Welfare is trying to pressure

Tony Blair into introducing a ban on fox hunting with a press and poster

campaign, which will run during the Labour Party conference in


The ads, produced by Springer & Jacoby International, will also appear

around the Scottish Parliament to coincide with this week's


The 48-sheet executions feature the word "fox" with the "x" represented

by a red cross in a ballot box. Copy points to the Government's as-yet

unfulfilled pledge to ban hunting with dogs with the line: "We have your

word Tony. Now vote for the ban."

A press execution, which will appear in the conference brochure and the

Westminster journal The House repeats the promises made by Blair on the

issue with copy flowing in the shape of a "U".

The campaign attempts to push a hunting ban to the top of the political

agenda, after last year's bid fell foul of Parliamentary deadlines.

The poster ads were written by Ben Carson and art directed by Elliot

Harris. The press execution was written by Thomas Chudalla and art

directed by Tony Hector. Media planning and buying is by Bygraves

Bushell Valladares Sheldon.