Ann Summers hijacks online BA strike interest

LONDON - Ann Summers took advantage of the publicity surrounding the proposed BA strike today with a sponsored link on Google featuring a gag about the mile high club.

iCrossing, Ann Summers' digital marketing agency, bid on BA strike-related keywords so that when users searched for the latest news on the industrial action, a sponsored ad promoting the retailer emerged.

It read: "The planes may be grounded but you can still join the mile high club!" A link through to Ann Summers Online is also provided.



Hundreds of Twitter users were praising the tactical manoeuvre.

@funky72 wrote: " Enter ba strike into Google for example of great tactical search advertising ... nice work Ann Summers :)"

@annaats said: "Some nice rapid response paid search ads around the BA strike ;)"

@DavorGoldie wrote: "Great PPC ad from Ann Summers based around the BA strike! :-)"

iCrossing has created similar campaigns for Ann Summers in the past. For the budget they bid on keywords like 'budget 2009' and 'Alistair Darling' and the campaign message was 'There's no recession in pleasure'.

During the cold snap in February this year, using snow-related search terms, the agency launched a sponsored link with the strapline 'Brrr...cold out there, why not stay in and get steamy with Sex Toys from Ann Summers'.