The Annual 2006: Top 10 radio ads


The broadband market became more complex for consumers with a rash of product launches from the likes of Carphone Warehouse and Sky. BT took the fight to the market with a radio ad that uses comic effects to communicate the value of BT's broadband contract. By the time the Dennis Leary-style rant is over, you're convinced BT is the best broadband provider out there, if not the cheapest.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Creatives: Sonny Adorjan and Milo Campbell
Agency producer: Zoe Dale
Sound engineer: Nick Angell


MV1: You know, there's broadband and there's broadband, and I don't want basic broadband. I want state-of-the-art, ultra-secure broadband. Eighteen-stone, take-a-bullet-for-you, bodyguard broadband. I want Fort Knox, high-tech, infra-red, electric-fence broadband. I want steel reinforced broadband, dead-bolt broadband. I want bomb-proof, bear-trapped, black-belted broadband. Safe-as-houses, sleep-well-at-night, pack-of-Dobermans-prowling-the-grounds broadband.

FV1: With BT you get more than just the basics. Choose one of our best ever broadband packages with Norton Antivirus software to help protect you. Call 0800 032 7939.

Legals: Subject to availability and survey. BT line required. Conditions apply.


Nando's spot glories in Portuguese heritage by setting up the scenario of a spoof Portuguese film director discussing his latest project. His new film, it emerges, centres around the subject of "beautiful chicken". The well-acted interview has the director becoming more and more excited about the chicken available at Nando's and how it shows up in his film. Great writing with some excellent casting and direction.

Agency: Hooper Galton
Creative: Martin Galton
Agency producers: Anni Cullen and John Lloyd
Sound engineer: Ben Hooper


BBC-type announcer: There is now a choice of listening. If you want to remain British, turn off now. If you'd rather be Portuguese, stay tuned.

Announcer: I'm here with Santini Lopez, the legendary Portuguese film director, to talk about his latest project. Santini, what's the film about?

Santini Lopez: It's about 90 minutes long.

Announcer: (Laughs) Very good, the story, though, is ...

Santini: It's about the beautiful chicken.

Announcer: Ah OK, so a frozen chicken.

Santini: No, it's not a horror movie, it's a love story about fresh Grade A chicken.

Announcer: Yes, I heard it's a remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Santini: Yes, it's called Four Chickens and Another Order of Chicken, please.

Announcer: (Laughs) And does the chicken get the girl?

Santini: No, the girl gets the chicken, it's what she has ordered.

SFX: Nandooooos - jingle.

BBC announcer: Be Portuguese.


Highlighting the terms and conditions of the loathed Congestion Charge seems like a thankless task, but this spot tackles a thorny subject with charm and humour. The details of the Congestion Charge are sung by a barbershop quartet - a format that makes you smile.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Creatives: Dave Washer and Baz Williamson
Agency producer: Charlie McPherson
Sound engineer: Nick Taylor


This script features a barbershop quartet, singing acapella.

Quartet: 7am to 6.30pm ...

If you're driving a vehicle, small, medium or large

Don't forget the Congestion Charge

From 7am to 6.30pm

Monday to Friday (but not the weekend)

For more information, just go along

And visit us at


This ad is a tribute to South Africa that enhances Coke's global credentials. The spot features a Zulu choir singing a song in which the only discernible words are "Coca-Cola". An excellent creative idea.

Agency: Mother
Creatives: Laurence Thomson, Kim Gehrig and Leon Wilson
Agency producer: Dan Neale
Sound engineer: Anthony

Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming
Love Coca-Cola
'Tis the season
To love one another
Holidays are coming
Love Coca-Cola


LARSOA, the road safety charity, turned to Galaxy Radio's in-house writer, Gareth Eve, to create a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of seatbelts for children. The spot is well produced and features a new spin on the well-known children's song The Wheels on the Bus.

Agency: Chrysalis
Creative: Gareth Eve
Agency producer: Sandra Hepple
Sound engineer: Sandra Hepple


We hear a mother and two children in the back singing as they go about their journey.

Car full: The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long ...

The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish ... swish swish swish ... swish swish swish ... the wipers on the bus ...

SFX: Squeal of terror - skid - huge smash.


ANNO: The seatbelt in the car goes ... clunk click ...

Use it.

Think ... What if ... Think "Clunk Click" every trip.


For this ad, the creative is adapting the"Ocado man" tune for a singer in the style of Elvis Presley. Some might find this seriously irritating, but it's certainly effective.

Agency: Comesitdo
Creatives: Simon Spilsbury and Cornelius Wisiwitz
Agency producer: Chris West
Sound engineer: Mcasso


This commercial is set to the traditional tune of I am the Music Man, (Music Man, Music Man), but reworked in a rock n' roll style for a mid-Vegas era Elvis Presley ...

Elvis spoken intro: Start your engines, let's go!
Elvis sings: (Style: mid-Vegas)
I am the Ocado man, in my Ocado van -Yes siree: I'm grocery!
Just you say "I do" and I'll bring it round to you,
Say goodbye to the queue.
Chorus: O-C-A-D-O dot com, I am your Ocado man
O-C-A-D-O dot com, look out for my van.
Elvis sings: Let me set your heart on fire, I got Waitrose food you
- Yes siree: I'm grocery!
In my air-con veh-icle, get ready for a miracle.
Chorus: O-C-A-D-O dot com, I am your Ocado man
O-C-A-D-O dot com, look out for my van.
Elvis spoken outro: I'm itchin' to fill your kitchen, baby ...


The introduction of new legislation surrounding rape convictions might not have seemed like the easiest of creative opportunities, but this ad tackles a difficult and very important subject head-on. A man talks excitedly to a friend about a night out that ended in him having sex with a woman who had not consented. The penny finally drops with the endline "If you don't get a yes, don't have sex."

Agency: Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R
Creatives: Mike Boles and Jerry Hollens
Agency producer: Desiree Bors
Sound engineer: Jack Sedgewick


SFX: Pub atmosphere

Man (talking to mates, bragging): Yeah, that girl Mandy I was chatting to last night, I only went and got off with her. I've gone back to her place with her flatmates, we've had a couple of drinks, played a few CDs and everyone else has gone to bed. So we've ended up snogging on the sofa. One thing leads to another, you know how it is ...

SFX: Pub atmos drops away.

Man (more formal and nervous): And before you know it I was on top of her. She started struggling a bit, but I just thought she was playing hard to get, your honour. I mean, she didn't ask me to stop, so I just took that as a yes. I didn't think that made me a rapist.

VO: If you have sex without consent, you could end up telling your story in court, and you could go to prison for rape. If you don't get a yes, don't have sex. For more information, visit


This ad, promoting ITV's Wild at Heart drama, featured the sound of a female cat escalating into full-throated jungle-cat growls.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Creatives: Mark Goodwin and Tiger Savage
Agency producer: David Jones
Sound engineer: Andre Jaquemin


A simple idea to highlight the issue of abuse against women. It boasts a series of Valentine's Day voicemail messages that get increasingly abusive.

Agency: Grey London
Creatives: Geoff Smith and Simon Butler
Agency producer: Rebecca Pople
Sound engineer: Matt Brace


MVO1: This is for Sarah: Violets are blue, roses are red. I'm rubbish at poems, but great in bed. Love you, Graham.

MVO2: Anne, Happy Valentine's Day Babycakes. I love you forever ... Robbie.

MVO3: Sweet Pea. Don't forget me this Valentine's Day. I'll always be your little mushy pea.

MVO4: Roses are red, violets are blue. If you ever leave me, I'll kill you.

MVO5: Honey pie. I want to gobble you all up. Johnny.

MVO6: Linda. What are you doing later tonight? How about lying in the middle of the kitchen floor wondering when I'm going to stop kicking you? Ben.

FVO: For 500,000 British women, Valentine's is just another day.

Women's Aid is there to help every day of the year. Act now to end domestic violence. Visit

MVO7: You know I love you. It's just sometimes you don't know when to leave it, do you? It's your own fault if I hurt you ... Pete.


Designed to highlight the service that allows readers to renew library books online, this ad adapts the story of The Princess and the Pea.

Agency: Euro RSCG London
Creatives: Sam Richards and Phil Beaumont
Agency producer: Greg Kates
Sound engineer: Gary Walker


MVO: (Speed reading) There was once a prince who wanted to marry a princess, but not any old princess, a real one.

One night, in the middle of a terrible storm, there was a knock on the door.

SFX: Thunder & lightening, knock.

MVO: Outside stood a scruffy girl who said she was a princess. She looked such a mess they didn't believe her. The Queen thought she'd test the "princess" by putting a small pea underneath the mattresses. If the princess feels the pea under the mattresses, she's the real deal, if not she's a fake. Luckily for her, the princess felt the pea. Phew! The prince marries her, they live happily ever after. The end.

VO: Renew your library books online instead of rushing them. Visit to renew your books, search for books, reserve books and much more.

VO: Connect to your local council at (keys pressed)

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