The Annual 2011: Top 10 turkeys

Turkey isn't just for Christmas but all year round as Campaign reveals the top 10 terrible ads from 2011.

Haribo: tops this year's turkeys
Haribo: tops this year's turkeys

1. Haribo, TBC Inc

"Were the makers of this ad on crack?" is the first question that springs to mind. The commercial features a family of cult members on a day trip who turn a pit-stop at a petrol station into a song-and-dance routine that no decent human being should have to witness.

The lyrics to the song that they sing include the line "squidgy, squidgy baby". As ad jingles go, it has to be the oddest ever.

2. Gillette, BBDO

Gillette might produce a good razor but, when it comes to advertising, the brand isn't so sharp. The company is no stranger to our Top 10 Turkeys list, and it's comforting to see the brand back in its rightful place this year.

For this ill-advised spot, Gillette took a leaf out of George Michael's book and surprised some unsuspecting men in lavatories. And the result? Utter toilet.

3. BMW, Serviceplan

Well done to BMW for finding the worst set of twins ever and giving each of them a car to drive around in this awful ad. One of the twins drinks skinny mochachinos and the other doesn't - that's the most interesting thing about them.

BMW was labouring under the assumption that we'd all aspire to be these extraordinarily vain yuppies. Never has a car brand got it so wrong - and that is saying something.

4. Microsoft, Crispin Porter & Bogusky

A battle between Macs and PCs rages out on the streets but "Lynsey", a housewife with bad hair living in a suburban home, has no idea. As part of its dire "I'm a PC" campaign, Microsoft informs us she's a Luddite and then turns her living room into a spectacularly naff pop-up PC shop.

Afterwards, she still has bad hair but looks like she works in Currys. Microsoft really knows how to improve people's lives.

5. Mooncup, St Luke's

How many different words can you think of for the female nether regions? Probably not as many as the singer in this commercial for Mooncup (the female hygiene brand). In this campaign, which aims to get women to love their vaginas, she rattles off around 25 nicknames, including Marylou and vag joo-joo, but she manages to leave out the more obvious ones. It all results in a spectacularly duff, or should we say muff, ad.

6. Samsung, Cheil Worldwide

This spot has a hen in it so it's apt that it is also a prize Turkey. Samsung wants us to stop buying iPhones and somehow believes that watching a hen sit on one of its handsets will do the trick. It's a risky strategy from the Korean technology giant that has resulted in not much more than a duck egg, unfortunately.

7. Head & Shoulders, Saatchi & Saatchi

The Formula 1 driver Jenson Button (who also tops our list of Top Ten Worst Celebrity Ads) won't be worrying the Oscars jury anytime soon. In fact, there are pieces of cardboard that can emote more. Dandruff should be the least of his worries after embarrassing himself and us all in this cringe worthy spot.

8. Cadbury, Fallon

The Team GB long-jumper Chris Tomlinson gets cheered on by seemingly the ugliest, least talented set of "members of the public" that Cadbury could find, as they howl The Final Countdown at him from skyscrapers. He might bury himself in his long-jump sand pit after that kind of support.

9. Health Lottery, DLKW Lowe

Please remove your odd army of clown-haired people from the television, Mr Desmond. This bizarre and slightly disturbing campaign is like a TV advertising version of Stephen King's 'It'.

10. Carlsberg, Fold7

A guys lands on the moon, sits down and has a beer. It's about as groundbreaking as "the cat sat on the mat". Probably the worst ad for Carlsberg in the world, ever.