Annual: Top 10 CEOs

1. Farah Ramzan-Golant

It's a tough job running London's number-one agency by billings, but Ramzan-Golant is widely respected for her management skills and the grit that has led to several high-profile account retentions. She is a fearsome leader who still extols the founding gentlemanly principles of the agency.

2. Stef Calcraft

Mother has always been a bit of a weird fish, but this year, in one of its least traditional to date, the agency regained its mojo. Much of this is down to Calcraft's artful ability to keep the wackiness commercially viable.

3. Johnny Hornby

The powerhouse agency that is CHI & Partners continues to grow under the consummate command of Hornby. It was clear early on his agency would do well, but a lot can go wrong in six years, and he's ensured that it hasn't.

4. Andrew McGuinness

After the sale of a 49 per cent stake to Cheil (and finishing runner-up as Campaign's Agency of the Year), life's looking pretty peachy for McGuinness. He's helped build Beattie McGuinness Bungay into one of the best-performing agencies in the land.

5. Laurence Green

Since the exit of Robert Senior to run SSF, Fallon hasn't quite hit the heights of the past two years, but it is still a hugely creative agency and a real force in pitches. Green has eased into the top role and is slowly stamping his own mark on the business.

6. Phil Georgiadis

Georgiadis' list of industry contacts is only matched by the amount of people who respect his drive and entrepreneurial flair. Walker Media is one of the success stories of this millennium and drives much of M&C Saatchi Group's profits.

7. Gary Leih

It takes nerves, skill, stamina and intelligence to run a company as big as the Ogilvy Group. The affable, and clubbable, Saffer has breathed fresh life into the lumbering and potentially unwieldy group.

8. Mark Lund

Despite speculation that Lund and the DLKW boys would sail off into the sunset with their earn-out spoils, they have stayed put (as did the Halifax account). And under Lund's competent leadership, you wouldn't bet against them continuing to do so.

9. Tom George

In the past three years, George has turned Mediaedge:cia into one of the best agencies in London - picking up the Orange account this year. His determination and business acumen has seen him gain a formidable reputation in the industry.

10. Mark Collier

Under his leadership, Dare has become a powerhouse of the digital industry. Intelligent, astute and a great talent spotter, one of his best assets is his ability to build a great team, both alongside and under him.