Annual: Top 10 Digital Ads

1. Carling, 'iPint'

This free iPhone game may have been shrouded in controversy but it was an undeniably savvy idea to tap into the commercial pulling power of the device. And with more than one million people downloading the application in the first week, this campaign proved small online budgets can serve clients effectively.

Agency: Beattie McGuinness Bungay

Creatives: Dom Martin, Toby De Havilland, Carl Loodberg, Andreas Alptun, Martin Buckwell

2. Nike, 'The Cesc Fabregas Show'

How do you re-engage football fans online? Create a show, of course. And who better to host it than Cesc Fabregas? The 60-minute film was shown on both TV and online with more than two million views.

Agencies: AKQA, Wieden & Kennedy, Attention Seekers

Creatives: Nick Bailey, Paul Anglin, Masaya Nakade

3. Emirates, 'keep discovering'

They may be banner ads but these charming spots for Emirates captured quite a few digital hearts this year. Unbranded scenes from Brighton to Nairobi opened out, once rolled over with the cursor, to reveal a full shot of the landscape, winging viewers digitally to new "undiscovered" destinations.

Agency: Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Creatives: Sam Ball, Dave Bedwood, Wai-Tai-Li, Mark Beecroft

4. Sony Ericsson, 'who is Johnny X?'

Dare's online nine-part mini-drama for Sony Ericsson depicted the trials and tribulations of Johnny X, a man who had lost his own identity. It was a brave move by the client, placing £2 million behind an online campaign, but it paid off, with many likening it to films such as The Bourne Identity and Memento.

Agency: Dare

Creatives: Carina Martin, Nicky Palamarczuk, Matt Firth

5. Nokia, 'N-Gage'

These fly-on-the-wall films effectively promote the addictiveness of the N-Gage by employing CCTV footage of Tube carriages where N-Gage users cause disruptions by using the device.

Agency: Work Club

Creatives: Rodrigo Lebrun, Nico Tatarowicz, Nick Strada, Greg Mitchell

6. Mentos, 'jazz club'

Users feed Mentos to a man in this online ad until his female dinner guest leaps upon him giving him a long, passionate kiss. The campaign included a nifty webcam stunt that enabled the microsite's visitors to "kiss" the model.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Creatives: Hugo Biershenk, Dean Woodhouse

7. Pimm's, 'it's sunshine o'clock'

With this clever online ad, users could enter their postcode and quickly find out which of their local pub gardens were briefly basking in summer sunshine for a spot of Pimm's.

Agency: Agency Republic

Creatives: Abe Baginsky, Tarn Gordon Rodgers, Marga Arrom-Bibiloni, Victor Sahate

8. Ikea, 'you need a quiet space'

This innovatively shot campaign depicts people enjoying the calm of their Ikea-furnished homes in very slow motion. What makes the site particularly crafty is the ability to change the viewing angle.

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors

Creative: Johan Perju

9. The Sun, 'desktop Keeley'

When your paper has a woman's "assets" on page three every day, what better way is there to engage your audience than your top totty displaying the latest football scores on their desktop in frilly knickers?

Agency: glue London

Creatives: Lewis Raven, Adam King

10. Smart Car, 'the truth about Smart'

In a sea of mediocre car sites, this microsite for the Smart Car stands out. Its witty approach, challenging users to guess what can fit in the tiny marque, effectively alleviates preconceptions of the small car.

Agency: Agency Republic

Creatives: Richard Hale, Jim Stump.