Annual: Top 10 DM Campaigns

1. Royal Mail, 'matter'

A simple concept: send ten objects from ten different brands in a box to subscribers on a Saturday morning. Rory Sutherland called it "one of the biggest ideas in DM in years", and you get the feeling that he's right. In the first box, products ranged from Sony Bravia Play-Doh to a clubhouse lounge offer from Virgin Atlantic. This campaign created a buzz like very few DM packs had before.

Agency: Matter Media

Writer/art director: Tim Milne

2. Lotus Evora, 'faceless people'

How many DM campaigns this year had ABC News air a two-minute editorial dedicated to it? To promote that Lotus represents character and substance in a bland and impersonal world, a tribe of "faceless people" were sent to major events, including Wimbledon. The publicity created was priceless.

Agency: CMW

Writer: Mark Blanchard

Art director: Mark Greenwood

3. Flora, 'John Wayne'

Clever, humorous and very appropriate, Bartle Bogle Hegarty's campaign greeted every London Marathon competitor in their inbox the morning after the race. A rare case of sponsorship being used effectively, it was the only direct campaign to pick up a Campaign gold.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Writer: Mike Oughton

Art director: Cameron Short

4. Royal Mail, 'chocolate letter'

If only all DM tasted this good. The time and effort put in to getting the chocolate in this letter delicious and legible took an age to get right. But the end result, which received plenty of award nominations, certainly made everything worthwhile. Even the copy on the letter was outstanding.

Agency: Proximity

Writer: Marcus Iles

Art director: Duncan Gray

5. Encams, 'what does dropping litter make you look like?'

That dropping litter makes you look like a pig was taken literally in this campaign by Wunderman. Mugs in the form of pig snouts, supported by eye-catching print work, ensured the clever message was well executed and won a Campaign Big Award.

Agency: Wunderman

Writer: Iain Hunter

Art director: Jamie Bell

6. Cancer Research UK, 'ashtray to vase'

What to do with all the ashtrays after the smoking ban? OgilvyOne came up with the perfect answer: turn them into vases. The juxtaposition worked a treat, taking something negative and turning it into something positive and beneficial. The agency scooped a bronze Lion for its trouble.

Agency: OgilvyOne

Writer: Mark Davies

Art director: Rod Broomfield

7. Lexus, 'ruler'

Celebrating the attention to detail of Lexus' IS 250 SR, this 17-inch brushed aluminium metal ruler (same size as the alloy wheels) came with new model specs and the strapline: "For those who thrive on precision." This is tipped to be in the running for some major awards next year.

Agency: Partners Andrews Aldridge

Writer: Richard Horne

Art director: James Fairburn

8. Waitrose, 'field guide to eggs'

Kitcatt Nohr's mailer features beautiful illustrations of Easter eggs in their "natural" habitats and was everything we've come to expect from Waitrose. A 15 per cent response rate, incremental sales of £2.2 million and three DMA nominations concur.

Agency: Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw

Writer: Liz Franklin

Art director: Rob Ferrara

9. Virgin Holidays, 'ask for the world'

An ambitious mailer, brilliantly executed. The pack is lavishly designed, just like the ideal holiday. The choices, such as "I want to have a holiday romance or at least make one up", keep things both fun and engrossing, and help the campaign resonate with the consumer.

Agency: Elvis

Writer: Rick Kiesewetter

Art director: John Treacy

10. Mini, 'table tennis'

Lida used a table tennis bat through your door to explain that the Mini Clubman was like "nothing you've ever seen on the road". The result was a 2.8 per cent sales conversion and ROI of 70:1.

Agency: Lida

Writer: Nick Bullard

Art director: Tim Styles.