Annual: Top 10 Lookalikes

1. John Hegarty and Don Imus

The flowing locks, that way of looking at you from under a slightly lowered brow - more than a lookalike, it's a pair of twins separated at birth. The US DJ Imus and Hegarty could quite easily live each other's lives, like the plot of some cheesy 80s film.

2. Nick Emery and David Van Day

It's funny these two should look so much alike because they both share a "talent" for music as well. Obviously Van Day found fame with Dollar in the 80s, before losing it all and running a burger van in Brighton for a couple of years, while Emery claims to have drummed for The Jesus and Mary Chain (a much cooler prospect).

3. Garry Lace and Robert Tchenguiz

Tchenguiz is a businessman who climbed to the top of the ladder in the property industry, making lots of money along the way, but then spectacularly fell from grace. Lace is now the managing director of Admedia, the out-of-home and experiential media specialist.

4. Dominic Proctor and Bill Rawls

Bill Rawls is one of the biggest badasses in the rogues gallery that makes up the characters in The Wire, and he wouldn't think twice about stepping over your burning grandma to get what he wants. However, a physical resemblance is all Proctor, well-known as a nice guy, shares with the fictional deputy commissioner for operations of the Baltimore Police Department.

5. Gavin Gordon-Rogers and Sid Owen

Thankfully for the rest of the staff at Agency Republic, Gordon-Rogers seems to be a bit more on the ball than his looky-likey's screen character, the hapless Ricky Butcher. And thankfully for Gordon-Rogers, his missus and creative partner, Gemma Butler, is much less screechy and annoying than Butcher's on-screen wife, Bianca.

6. Steve Aldridge and Chewbacca

Unfortunately for poor Steve Aldridge, he has picked up this year's lookalike booby prize, following in the footsteps of Robert Alton (a hairless vampire) and James Murphy (the Bo' Selecta! bear), by being likened to ugly, imaginary characters with the most tenuous of links to human features. But, hey, at least Star Wars' beloved "walking carpet" is one of the coolest fictional characters ever created.

7. Giles Hedger and Paul Rudd

If Hedger ever wanted to see what he'd look like with sideburns and a 'tache, all he'd need to do is watch Anchorman and check out Rudd's character, Brian Fantana. However, it's unknown whether he will also follow the intrepid reporter's lead in naming his penis and testes. By the way, they're called The Octagon, James Westfall and Dr Kenneth Noisewater.

8. Jaimes Leggett and Stan Smith (American Dad)

The lookalikes list wouldn't be the lookalikes list without someone being likened to a cartoon character, and, this year, it's the turn of Grand Union's Jaimes Leggett - paired with the lantern-jawed Stan Smith, the patriotic and pseudo-psychotic CIA agent father character in American Dad. It's definitely the chin.

9. Jon Burley and Christian O'Connell

According to one Leo Burnett source, Burley was once heard commenting, after another trip to the barber (via the curtain shop), that he really liked the look of that O'Connell bloke from the radio and was going to try to emulate his look. He did a good job of it too.

10. James Murphy and Chris Macdonald

If you're ever a bit drunk at an industry do and you see one of these one-time colleagues, you could be forgiven for getting them confused. Yes, there are probably better lookalikes (it's only a passing resemblance) but Campaign thought that this list wouldn't be the same without Murphy (who has graced it three out of four years) being involved in one way or another.