Annual: Top 10 Photographers

1. Greg White

White was named the Association of Photographers' Photographer of the Year in March, winning awards across most of the categories, and the top spot for his black-and-white series of projector parts. His distinctive, ultra-clean style is showcased in an extensive portfolio of impressive automotive campaigns. Although fairly new to the industry, he has shot campaigns for Nike, Sony Bravia, Asda and O2.

2. John Offenbach

Offenbach made it into the 2008 D&AD Annual for his work for The Travelers Companies. The witty and beautifully shot images ("mufflerman", "swimming pool", "waterslide", "boat & trailer", "boat & bridge", and "bear") show a series of disasters or impending catastrophes. He also took home the Best Advertising Series award at the New York Photo Festival in May for the same campaign.

3. Kiran Master

Master won a yellow Pencil at D&AD this year for his campaign for Barnardo's "f**k off", which featured illuminating portraits of vulnerable children. In a similar vein, his personal work focuses on quirky, introverted figures in odd derelict environments. But his commissioned work for Volkswagen, Mastercard, Kia and Microsoft does not have the same dark edge, showing his versatility.

4. Joseph Rodriguez

Rodriguez is responsible for the "originals never fit" campaign for Levi's, which some argue is the best advertising photography all year. Predominately a documentary photographer and lecturer at New York University, Rodriguez's personal projects focus on portraits of urban, social subjects, including gangs in Los Angeles, juvenile offenders in Silicon Valley, Spanish Harlem or the survivors of hurricane Katrina.

5. Giles Revell

Revell was a finalist in the Campaign Big Awards for Audi "ball" and Sky Networks "handcuffs". He also shot the campaign for Philips' Intimate massagers and Harvey Nichols' "Wallace & Gromit" campaign for the opening of its Bristol store.

6. Nadav Kander

Kander is one of the most versatile and successful commercial photographers of his time, moving across styles with ease. This year, he took a Campaign Big Award home for John Lewis' "child" and was a finalist for all three executions in the same campaign: "child", "man" and "woman". He also shot Mother's campaign for Powerade, which featured naked British Olympic athletes.

7. David Harriman

Harriman is responsible for the beautifully shot "transporter" for the Volkswagen Touareg, which made it into the 2008 D&AD Annual. Over the past couple of years, he has undertaken a personal project, taking pictures of Mexicans on the US/Mexico border. A characteristic of most of his commercial work (for clients such as Nike, Wonderbra, Axe, Adidas and Timberland) is a sense of comedy.

8. Ernst Fisher

Fisher has a unique style, which won him a Campaign Big Award for Volkswagen's "words". A multiple award-winner, his photography conveys a real feeling of emptiness.

9. Dan Tobin-Smith

It has been a busy 2008 for Tobin-Smith, shooting campaigns for Kurt Geiger, Thorntons, John Lewis, Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka and Shell. He's successfully translated his fashion background into commercial work.

10. Nick Meek

Meek's quirky, bright photographic style was a perfect fit for the T-Mobile "minute search" campaign this year. Meek began shooting ads in 2000 when he moved to London, and has since shot campaigns for clients including American Airlines, Volkswagen, CNN, IBM, The Times and Sony PlayStation.