Annual: Top 10 Regional Press Ads

1. Harvey Nichols

The very best in regional press advertising draws on an empathy with local media and the communities they serve. Like this one for the launch of Harvey Nichols in Bristol. Aardman Animations, the creator of the Wallace and Gromit characters featured, is based in Bristol. Bristolians are proud of this. Sorted.

Agency: DDB London

Writer/art director: Grant Parker

2. Orange

The Lancashire Woman of the Year award is a big event for women, especially in, er, Lancashire - and it receives copious media coverage in the county. So this year's winner, Sue Hayward, recognised for her charitable work in East Kenya, becomes a perfect local role model for Orange and its "together we can do more" tagline.

Agency: Fallon

Writer: Martin Gullian

Art director: Dave Lang

3. Lloyds TSB

Back to Bristol again for another brand advocate - Alistair Masters, the teenage windsurfing sensation from Somerset. He's set (apparently) to lead the West Country's bid for domination in events involving wind and surf at the London 2012 Olympics.

Agency: Adam & Eve

Writer: Ben Priest

Art director: Ben Harris

4. Yellow Pages

Given that this is a business that has based it success on thinking national with regard to its brand, yet acting local, you'd expect Yellow Pages to be masterful when it comes to local advertising. And so it proves. This suitably yellow campaign ran in regional variants across the country.

Agency: Rapier

Writer: Jonathan Bradley

Art director: Kevin Bratley

5. Morrisons

Earlier this year, the grocery chain signed up the TV presenter and garden designer Diarmid Gavin to front its "supporting local schools" initiative. The campaign is designed to dovetail with local editorial coverage of the scheme.

Agency: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

Creative director: Piggy Lines

6. Natural Scotland

The Scottish Executive, casting around for ever more innovative ways to spend taxpayers' money, decided it needed to raise awareness of the positive impact small changes we make in our lives can have on Scotland's environment. These advertorial pages and ads featuring green footprints were the result.

Agency: Newhaven Writer: Chris Watson

Art director: Rufus Wedderburn

7. NHS

In Greater Manchester, five house fires every week are started by cigarettes. The message doesn't get more specific than this. Just cut it out, Manchester. OK? This is a perfect example of a campaign started by a local newspaper that was subsequently taken up by the NHS.

Agency: MEN Media, in-house creative

Writer: Mark Burrow

Art director: Spencer Rowbotham

8. Azores Tourism

Still in Manchester, but on a watery theme. This, apparently, is an attempt to transplant the population of Manchester to the Azores, where they'll have a whale of a time and give the rest of us a break from all those tiresome house fires.

Agency: Orchestra

Writer/creative director: Robert Crampton

Art director: Karen Stevens

9. Fire Kills

More fires. This winner of a silver in regional media's Fresh Awards relies on the promotion of Christian symbolism, which plays well in the provinces, apparently.

Agency: Drummond Central

Writer: Richard Jefferson

Art director: Gareth Wood

10. Kodak

The use of blurred vision isn't new in advertising related to the optical sciences - but this campaign is neatly tailored to local sensibilities by adding the Kodak sticker copy to out-of-focus versions of real local newspaper front pages.

Agency: Conceived by Paul Adler of Kodak and created by the Herts Advertiser

Writer: Paul Adler

Art director: David Gillis (Herts Advertiser).