Annual: Top 10 Sales Directors

1. Jim Freeman, trading director, Telegraph Media Group

When we took soundings out there in the marketplace, Telegraph Media Group's executive director, Dave King, still accrued a healthy number of votes, as you'd expect. But, this year, Jim Freeman, King's more-than-able lieutenant, has been emerging ever more strongly from his shadow. Buyers say he's flourishing in the multimedia hub structure pioneered by Telegraph Media.

2. John Teal, group advertising director, Mail Newspapers

In the past, we've placed Simon Davies, formerly the sales director of The Mail on Sunday, high on this list - and we could easily have done so again this year. But we're following a (wholly arbitrary) convention of allowing one representative per media owner, so, this year, it's JT - who was handed the top sales job in a Mail Newspapers restructure ahead of Davies.

3. Nick Bampton, managing director, Viacom Brand Solutions

To find true sales quality among the TV-dominated media owners, you really do have to look at the slightly smaller players. In 2008, Bampton oversaw a restructure that pulled together TV, digital and mobile into one integrated sales offering. He's one of the most creative salesmen around.

4. Chris Ward, commercial director, MSN UK

Top of the digital-only pile in this year's league table - and, who knows, what with the way the market's going currently, could be top of the whole list by this time next year.

5. Damian Burns, EMEA head of agency relations, Google

Google, clearly, is on everyone's list of organisations they really must remember to praise. In 2008, the search engine giant began withdrawing its controversial Best Practice Funding Programme. Burns arrived from Zed Media in 2005.

6. Giles Ivey, director of sales, portal and verticals, Sky Digital Media

An former Times Media digital commercial director, Ivey joined Sky in the summer of 2008, just ahead of a restructure that saw the integration of sales across Sky-branded sites and the third-party sites for which it acts as a sales house. He runs a smooth ship.

7. Simon Daglish

You tend to suspect that the radio medium is in a bit of a pickle, all things considered, when it contrives to misplace its best sales director. Last year, Daglish leapt from the frying pan (GCap) to the fire (4Radio). Four what?

8. James Wildman, managing director, ids

Wildman heads up arguably the keenest and most enthusiastic sales team in town.

9. Dominic Carter, trading director, News International

Buyers say that 2009 will be an interesting year for Carter, who was confirmed back in the summer as the sales head of the new trading structure at News International.

10. Melanie Danks, group head of trading, Northern & Shell

It's been many a moon since we've had anyone even vaguely associated with the Express titles on this list. Earlier this year, Danks' remit was expanded to include magazines too.