Anti-slavery charity creates '12 Years a Slave' tactical ad after Oscar win

Hope for Justice, the anti-slavery charity, has created a tactical campaign to highlight modern slavery to take advantage of the publicity around '12 Years a Slave' winning the Best Picture Oscar.


There are four versions of the ad, which was created by Dare’s chief creative officer, Sean Thompson, with the designer Suki Rai. The people photographed in them are actors, but the stories are true.

Ahead of the 86th Academy Awards last night, Hope for Justice tweeted an image telling the story of a man called William who had been a slave for seven years in the style of the film poster of ‘12 Years a Slave’.

After ‘12 Years a Slave’, which was directed by the British director Steve McQueen, won the Best Picture gong, Hope for Justice tweeted its congratulations. The charity also tweeted prominent Twitter accounts and media in a bid to get its message shared.

One of the ads, which tells the story of a woman called Emma, who was kept as a slave for five years, ran on page 44 of the Metro today. Metro, which is a Dare client, donated the space to the charity.