Anti-social Facebook app promotes Simon Pegg's 'How to Lose Friends ...'

LONDON - Paramount Pictures International is promoting forthcoming film 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People' with an 'anti-social networking' Facebook application.

The application was created by digital agency PPC Interactive as an alternative to simply advertising the film on Facebook, and is designed to mirror the bad manners of the film's lead character, journalist Sidney Young.

Simon Pegg stars as Young, based on the journalist Toby Young who wrote the book 'How to Lose Friends and Alienate People', who after landing a fashion magazine job in New York finds his manners and type of humour aren't appreciated.

The application provides Facebook users with an alternative version of the site, offering features such as creating insults for your friends, doodling on a friend's profile picture and sending it them, giving crap gifts, cheating at Scrabble and notifying your friends that you're thinking of removing them as a friend.

In addition to creating the application, the agency has also made a widget that allows users to keep up with the latest news about the film.

Dan Light, head of interactive at PPC, said: "With 'Anti-Social Networking' we've tried to envisage how the film's protagonist, Sidney Young, would use Facebook."

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