Anti-wrinkle Olay ad banned by watchdog

LONDON - Saatchi & Saatchi's press ad for Olay Regenerist wrinkle filler, promising "younger-looking skin," has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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The ad said: "New Olay Regenerist 30-second wrinkle filler instantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lasts throughout the day." Further text explained the technology of how the cream worked.

One person challenged whether Procter & Gamble could back up the claims. P&G said the product worked to create a blurring effect which produced an optical contrast to make lines appear less visible.It added that the claim was supported by customer feedback as well as product testing by a technical expert.

The regulator noted that they had not seen the entire study and the results they had seen did not fully support the claim that the wrinkle filler lasted throughout the day.

Although it also noted that the product could be applied in 30 seconds and that the effects were immediately noticeable, as there was insufficient data to show that the product could last for a whole day, the watchdog concluded that the ad must not be shown again in its current form and P&G should be clearer in future advertising.