Anyone got the time?

Today's online conversation may have been dominated by a certain watch, but it's not the only new wrist-wear on the market.

Anyone got the time?
O2 Orange Wednesdays

Most read: O2 resurrects EE’s Orange Wednesdays

It’s no exaggeration to say there was a veritable outcry when EE decided to ditch Orange Wednesdays last December. Not surprising, then, to see O2’s cheeky Twitter stunt in at the top spot today.

O2 is offering consumers who send in their Orange or EE sim cards a free pair of cinema tickets.

Tantalisingly, O2 said it has a "little something planned for all these sim cards, so stay tuned to @O2 on Twitter". Suspense indeed.

Apple Watch launch

Stay tuned for: Apple Watch live blog

The Marketing magazine team is live blogging the much-anticipated Apple Watch launch RIGHT NOW.

Tune in right here for all the latest info.

A Wankband

Trending: The Wankband

Yep. That’s right. Wearables just got juicy.

Video-sharing site Pornhub has dreamed up a way for men to recharge their devices by harnessing the power of masturbation.

The proposed 'Wankband', according to Marketing, is a smart cuff that stores the energy generated during a session of self-loving. The band plugs into any device with a USB port to act as a power pack.

I can really see this catching on for the time-poor, always-on males of our generation.

Apple Watch

What the others are saying: On the impending Apple Watch launch

Will it or won’t it flop? That question has basically dominated the abundance of online chatter leading up to today’s Apple Watch launch.

Charles Arthur reports for The Guardian that Apple Watch could see Apple’s worth rocket to £1tn.

A Reuters report questions whether it is a gadget or a fashion statement, referencing Apple's decision to launch its advertising campaign with a 12-page insert in the March issue of American Vogue.

Vox, meanwhile, reports on NYU professor Scott Galloway, who says he believes the Apple Watch is all about sex, and that the product is part of the company's effort to transform itself into the next great luxury brand.

Not everyone was as excited though. The Times’ Sathnam Sanghera sums it up in this tweet:

National Apprentice Week

BR recommends: Taking on an apprentice

To celebrate the start of National Apprentice Week, Frances Dickens, chief executive of Astus Group, has penned an article for us on why there should be more apprenticeships on offer in the media and marketing sectors.

"What a great tribute to the ability of our sector to nurture and develop raw talent, if future Martin Sorrells or Karen Blacketts were to start their careers as media or marketing apprentices," she says.

Read the full article here.

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