Ape TV picks up BSkyB's Out of the Box prize

Ape TV, the creative agency that specialises in interactive television, has won BSkyB's "Out of the Box" contest.

The agency has clinched a prize of £250,000 of airtime for an interactive proposal it developed for Weetabix's Weetos brand.

Ape, which is part of The Allmond Partnership, won the contest after reaching a shortlist of four entries that included HHCL/Red Cell for Pot Noodle, Citigate Albert Frank for the British Legion's Poppy Appeal and Meme for 118 118.

The judges, who included the Sky Interactive managing director, Ian Shepherd, and the D&AD representatives Simon Waterfall and Tom Holster of Poke London, chose the Weetos campaign for its "highly imaginative and ambitious approach to the medium".

Ape's proposal involved raising awareness of Weetos among children aged between five and ten by inviting them to enter an interactive "spy school", involving games and code-breaking.

The idea included a way of testing the impact of the ads on product sales with the Spy School including levels that can only be unlocked by using codes on boxes of Weetos.

The £250,000 prize value will cover the production of the work and airtime on Sky Media channels.

Shepherd said: "Sky launched Out of the Box to push forward interactive TV's creative boundaries. Ape TV has more than fulfilled that ambition with an engaging and entertaining campaign. We are delighted to have found such a worthy winner among a high standard of entries from a wide spectrum of interactive TV specialists and mainstream creative agencies."