The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: British Heart Foundation (1)

Planned by: Neil Hourston, Peter Zezulka
Agency: Grey London
Brand: British Heart Foundation
Campaign: Watch your own heart attack


In a world of plenty, this is a story about the power of one.

One creative idea - "Watch your own heart attack". Just one exposure - 120 seconds of content. On only one channel - ITV. What makes it brilliant is how this message avoided the traditional, repetitious and interruptive ad model to stand out and create content that acted as a real "appointment to view" programme within the ITV1 peak schedule.

On 10 August, at 21.17, a two-minute film was aired on ITV1 that simulated, from the perspective of the victim, the symptoms of a heart attack. The transmission time was promoted heavily through broadcast poster, print and radio ads, but it was the added endorsement of key ITV celebrities in promotional trailers that really pushed the boundaries for the judges.

And with just one exposure - six million viewers watched their own heart attack, four out of five people had greater understanding of attack symptoms and an estimated 70 people who saw the film survived because they called 999 more quickly.

All from the power of one.