The APG Creative Strategy Awards Shortlist 2009: Department for Transport: Think!

Planned by: Andrew Phillips, Will Hodge
Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO
Brand: Department for Transport: THINK!
Campaign: Speed


There were case studies this year that won plaudits for good exploratory work. Papers that documented new enquiry and fresh learning in untrodden areas.

And then there were papers like this one. Papers on areas that feel all too familiar. The subjects we think we know all about. Speeding in a 30mph zone. And, in many respects, the challenge is much tougher on these papers. How the hell can planning make a difference here? Surely as an industry we've exhausted every angle in by now?

The strength of this paper is to demonstrate how through classic planning craft - the forensic understanding of a target audience's mindset and motivations - Abbott Mead Vickers came up with a fresh and effective approach. Nobody has ever come at this social problem by sympathising with the perpetrator. But it was the smart thing to do. People who speed are inherently selfish. What better way to discourage them from doing so than to emphasis the consequences that they will suffer? It's uncomfortable. It's dark. And it's very good planning.